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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blending nature and Tagore on canvas

SILCHAR, Sept 20: A young girl with her unique creative ideas and brush work, Chandrima Syam, exhibited 32 paintings entitled Rupae O Arupae Gaatha on varied themes with particular stress on nature and Rabindra Nath Tagore at the Academy of Fine Arts, South Gallery, in Kolkata recently. Her paintings were appreciated by art lovers and critics.

Half of her exhibits namely –‘spring wind’, ‘dance with storm’, ‘dewy dawn’, ‘wild sea breeze’, ‘Krishna’, ‘warrior Kali’, ‘heron flight’, ‘gracious lord’, ‘khoai melody III’, ‘charming Malabilata’, ‘monsoon glory’, ‘oh storm’ and ‘floral bonfire’ – on blue horizon through the medium of Asom silk, Asom bapta or Asom muga in acrylic were simply superb for their artistic expressions and aesthetic appeal.

Besides, wooden crayon on paper, oil pastel on paper, acrylic on paper, oil pastel on muga bapta and plastic crayon on Asom bapta are also the medium of her exquisite expressions. Her catalogue of paintings since she took to brush work reveals her intense love for nature and its treasure-trove.

She has been fascinated by the lush green panorama of the Barak Valley. Her role models are Rabindra Nath Tagore, paintings of Nanda Lal Bose, Abanindra Nath Tagore, Jamini Roy, Ram Kinkar Bhattacharjee and especially the environment around Shanti Niketan where she studied.
The themes of her art though varied are basically the impression she derives from her favourite idols and the wide horizon on her canvas. In her childhood days, she was under the guidance of eminent artist of Asom late Dhiresh Pal. Later on, she was groomed up by Professor of Fine Arts in Assam University Sivan G. Her friend, philosopher and guide is Dr Shovon Som, an eminent artist and art critic of international repute.

She has participated in several local exhibitions and it was for the first time in 2007 that she took part in an exhibition at Gallerie 52d, Hindustan Park in Kolkata along with renowned artists. In November 2008, she had her solo exhibition “Infinite Delight” in Indraprastha Regency in Kolkata.

Chandrima said she would be happy to showcase her art at the national and international level and to blend the songs of Tagore, nature and beauty on paper and textile. Her basic objective, as she said, is to convey the message of peace and harmony in order to provide an escape to man from all the tension and stress of life.

As it is very expensive to go outside for exhibition in metropolis, she wishes the art lovers of the Barak Valley to join hands together and strive for a gallery in Silchar. THE SENTINEL

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