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Friday, September 25, 2009

Silchar Puja, Pandal-hoppers throng puja mandaps

SILCHAR, Sept 25: Between the interplay of sun and shade with clouds in the skyline, pandal-hoppers have begun thronging the puja mandaps in numbers from morning on Saptami after the image is infused with life through invocation and religious rituals. In tune with the holy tradition, early in the morning, the spirit of the Devi is put inside the idol through the medium of a banana tree called Kola Bau, bathed and draped in a new yellow saree.

In pandals, devotees, worshippers and visitors in their sartorial best offered their prayers to the Goddess, took anjali and prayed by chanting of hymns. The main puja in fact began on sasthi yesterday.

With sunset, the crowd of enthusiastic puja devotees swelled and the puja pandals were crowded as the best view of decoration and illumination and all the art and craft can be seen in the evening.

This hustle and bustle is expected for the next two days of Mahaastmi and Navami until the Devi will be given a tearful farewell on Dashmi.

It is amazing to think how fluidly an event can make everyone amalgamated to a unique social identity.

On the other hand, this holy festival of Autumn has made the people realize that Durga Puja was not only about, of taking sumptuous dishes, fun and frolic but also an opportunity to work for a better society and to eliminate social evils. THE SENTINEL

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