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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BJP cries foul play in Susmita’s first Board meet

SILCHAR, Oct 27: The BJP has alleged that Silchar Municipality Board (SMB) Chairperson Susmita Dev was trying to hush up the rampant corruption and nepotism of her mother Bithika Dev while she was leading the previous SMB board. BJP leader of the civic body Dilip Paul said that Susmita was able to get approval for her 32-point agenda on the first Board meeting that was held yesterday.

Paul said Susmita easily passed with her 32-point agenda only by virtue of majority that her party enjoyed in the civic body. He alleged that not a single point mentioned on the 32-point agenda was meant for the welfare or the development of the common people of Silchar. Instead, he said the 32-point agenda was only about payment of contractors. According to the agenda, Rs 64,000 was approved but Paul alleged that a different amount had already been paid to the contractors.

Paul further said that BJP representatives of the civic body had earlier objected to the proposal of empowering the chairperson with unlimited financial power. Moreover, it has been reported that SMB had paid Rs 1.29 lakh to junior engineer of Silchar Development Block (SDB) Ramu Guglia, owner of Poonam Traders, a businessman close to Susmita’s father and former Union Minister Santosh Mohan Dev. Paul questioned as to how could SMB pay money to a SDB junior engineer despite having two engineers of its own?

Along with Dilip Paul, the press meet was addressed by BJP district vice president Kirit Bhushan Purkayastha and six ward councillors. THE SENTINEL

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