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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cachar BJP submits memorandum to the President

SILCHAR, Oct 30: BJP Cachar district has submitted a memorandum to the President of India though the Deputy Commissioner. The memorandum requests the kind attention of the President for the colossal problem of price rise being faced by the general people of Cachar district and the State as a whole. Prices of essential commodities have been rising abnormally during the last few months and the current condition of the State is known to all, but no concrete step has been taken so far by the government. Petrol, diesel and LPG prices have been increasing for the last few years affecting transportation in the Northeastern region. The opposition’s memorandum to the President condemned the present situation and blamed the ruling party for its lack of responsibility. The memorandum states that the condition of the State is alarming due to the existence of syndicates in the State.

Hence, through the memorandum, the party seeks president’s intervention to save the poor and downtrodden people from the jaws of starvation.

In an another memorandum to the DC Cachar, BJP Cachar committee has sought the administrative intervention for the redressal of problems affecting Cachar district. The problems mentioned in the memorandum are—broken roads, traffic jam and drainage system beside the pathetic condition of National Highway-44 and 53. Both the memorandums were submitted on behalf of BJP Cachar district today.

The signatory members are — in-charge president of Cachar BJP Kirit Bhusan Purkayastha, Sashanka Sekhar Dhar, district general secretary Nitya Bhusan Dey, Dr Rumi Nath and others. THE SENTINEL

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