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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dhaba-call girl-police nexus brings the other side of midnight in Silchar

SILCHAR, Oct 12: Instead of getting kudos for busting a sex racket in a road side dhaba at Ramnagar, Silchar police found itself at the receiving end facing allegations that the sex racket was actually controlled by a section of second-rank police officers.

Sources said, it has been alleged that Silchar police collected at least Rs 10 lakh per month from these road side dhabas as well as hotels as Rangirkhari-Nagatille area along the Silchar-Aizwal road where unlicensed bars and flesh trade were the prime attraction for a section of people who could afford to cough up money for easy sex. A second rank engimatic capacity to stall transfer order year after year was the kingpin of the whole episode. A source close to a dhaba told The Sentinel that, in recent times, police allegedly started hiking their demand every month and whenever a dhaba or a hotel failed to meet with their demand, the police reportedly resorted to raid.

The source openly admitted that unlicensed bars and sex racket were running in these road side dhabas allegedly in collaboration with a section of police. Meanwhile, the arrest of middle class family women from the Punjab dhaba sent a shock to the sober society of Silchar town unveiling a new reality it was unaware of. Sources said, even some housewives from well-to-do families had allegedly joined the flesh trade for minting money.

Moreover, Silchar police reportedly could not provide a satisfactory answer as to why Khusbu Jain, daughter of a garment trader, was released on bail though she was among the 11 people who were picked up by police after the raid at Punjab dhaba. Sources said, a controversial police officer, who allegedly controlled the dhaba-culture had reportedly allowed Khushbu to run away from the women cell of Sadar Thana. But when SP PK Bhuiya came to know about the incident, he ordered the officer to pick up Khushbu who was accordingly brought back to Sadar Thana, only to be shifted to Civil Hospital as she complained of nausea and stomach ache. From there, she moved to her house straightaway while the other 10 were produced in the court and later sent to judicial custody.

It is to be noted that Khushbu’s father Lunkaran Jain was recently arrested as one of his employees committed suicide alleging that he was tortured by his employer as he had seen the latter murdering someone. Police could not furnish any charge sheet against Lunkaran and he was recently released on bail. THE SENTINEL

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