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Friday, October 23, 2009

Niranjan Hojai in Nepal to dispose of property

SILCHAR, Oct 22: With permission from the State Government, Niranjan Hojai, self-styled commander-in-chief of the Black Widow, went Nepal to dispose of the landed property which the outfit had procured in the neighbouring country, police and district administration sources said.

Hojai and Jewel Garlosa, chairman of the outfit, had been at Kathmandu for a couple of years during which they had purchased land, hotel and some resorts at various tourist spots in Nepal.

Sources said Hojai, along with Mawrong Dimasa and some other accomplices, left for Kathmandu on Monday, and they are supposed to return by Monday next. But whether they were escorted by police officials or not could not be confirmed. Sources said Hojai would negotiate for the disposal of the outfit’s property in Nepal.

Meanwhile, another source hinted that Dinob Dimasa, a cadre from the splinter group of the outfit who ultimately surrendered arms, refused to accept the leadership of Hojai. Dinob said till Jewel is released from Jail, no decision on joining politics should be taken. A source close to Garlosa hinted that cadres belonging to the splinter group who had laid down arms have been housed at Dihangi designated camp and they have distanced themselves from the main leadership of the Black Widow. James Dimasa, leader of the splinter group, has not surrendered as yet. The police, however, denied any rift among the surrendered militants. THE SENTINEL

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