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Friday, October 16, 2009

On Deepawali: A festival of lights

Deepawali, the festival of light, brings us immense pleasure and happiness. But for many of us, it may also be the cause of darkness to life, because of burns and injuries that might occur during the festival. These incidents can be avoided by following a few careful steps while palying in Deepawali. They are––

l We should light earthen lamps or candles only at a certain height. Being careful with clothes also helps.

l Crackers should be ignited only at open places. No cracker should be ignited iniside the house or in congested areas.

l We should never try to ignite crackers by holding them with bare hands as it is dangerous. A common firework, popularly known as Kalgash, though supposed to emanate only flame and sparks, quite often burst causing serious burn injuries of hands.

l Sparklers should not be thrown while they are burning.

l Children should never be allowed to play with crackers unattended. Guardians should be with them while lighting crackers.

l Crackers with loud noise and sparks should be avoided. Besides, causing noise and air pollution, lots of burn injuries occur from these types of crackers.

l Always keep a bucket-full of water near you, whenever you are enjoying fireworks. This may be required any time.

But despite these precautions, incidents of burns have not ceased to occur. “Safe handling of fire gives us light and happiness and unsafe handling only brings only darkness and misfortune. Let the light of Deepawali bring happiness in your lives.”

By Dr Bhupendra Prasad Sarma


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