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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stage being readied for clash in Cachar BJP

SILCHAR, Oct 7: The stage is being readied for another fight between the Kabindra Purkayastha and the anti-Kabindra Purkayastha lobby for deciding as to who would be the next district president as well as who would be the party candidates in Silchar and Katigorah in the ensuing 2011 Assembly elections. After the sudden demise of former Silchar MLA Bimalangshu Roy, who used to lead the anti-Purkayastha lobby, a vacuum has been created in the district BJP.

Buoyant with the victory in the Lok Sabha election, Purkayastha is now aiming to keep the house in order with people close to him. Moreover, without discussing the matter with anyone in the district committee, Purkayastha made his son, Kanad Purkayastha, his nominee for the MPLAD functions, and, this created much resentment in the district committee.

Kanad had virtually monitored the Silchar Municipality Board election and miserably failed as the party could win only in six wards, though in the general election, BJP was leading in 23 out of the 28 wards in the Silchar Municipality area.

Kanad was also allegedly charged with collecting money from party sympathisers, but, Purkayastha later defended his son arguing that he personally had advised Kanad to collect donation which was subsequently distributed among the candidates. In a retaliatory move, the district committee had issued show cause notices to some leading members of the district alleging them that they had sabotaged the party in the civic body poll.

In this backdrop, activities had been geared up for the formation of new district committees scheduled in November-December. Kabindra Purkayastha is in favour of former principal of GC College Partha Sarathi Chanda, who was expelled from the party for alleged sabotage in the 2006 Assembly elections when Bimalangshu Roy lost it to Bithika Dev of the Congress.

A major portion of the district committee was virtually allergic to Chanda, who, however, had a close relation with the VHP and RSS.

In an interesting twist to the whole episode, the anti-Purkayastha lobby had been backing Kiritik Purkayastha, younger brother of Kabindra Purkayastha. The motive was simple; to stick the label of family rule on Kabindra babu’s back. THE SENTINEL

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