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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Aamaresh Roy’s unruly behaviour lands him in trouble: Ahmed

SILCHAR, Oct 31: In a midnight brawl, former Karimganj Zila Parishad vice-president Amaresh Roy was brutally beaten up by three youths. The incident took place last night at Karimganj railway gate area while Roy was returning from a concert hosted by his political mentor Gautam Roy.

According to the FIR filed by Amaresh Roy, three youths –– Bappi Routh, Pranab Bhowmik and Kali Deb –– stopped Roy’s car, dragged him out and started to beat him after which he fell unconscious. Reports said that Roy had sustained injuries on his face and head. His driver later took him to the Karimganj civil hospital from where he was shifted to Silchar for a CT scan this morning after he regained consciousness.

Meanwhile, sources said personal enmity led to the incident as the three miscreants were known to Roy. It was also reported that Roy had recently resigned from the post of vice-chairman of the Zila Parishad to put pressure on Zila Parishad president Mantaj Ali. The sources added that Amaresh Roy, a businessman, was one of the architects of the much debated no-confidence motion instigated against Ali, which was foiled by the latter.

The sources further added that Mantaj Ali had recently dropped Amaresh Roy from the District Planning Committee. Moreover, South Karimganj MLA Siddeque Ahmed told The Sentinel on Friday that Roy had recently abused two women Zila Parishad members and that the last night’s incident was an answer to Roy’s recent unruly behaviour. THE SENTINEL

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