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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gautam Roy’s extravagance raises eyebrows

SILCHAR, Nov 28: The acts of charity shown by Excise Minister Gautam Roy towards his fellow citizens has raised quite a few eyebrows on the assets and property he owns. Roy donated Rs 1 lakh to Masoom Abdullah Barbhuya, advocate of Tafajjul Ali who was earlier kidnapped by militants, and another lakh for the treatment of a blind man.

Sources said Roy also donated Rs 10 lakh to the Biswa Banga Sahitya O Samskriti Sammelon in Kolkata for the construction of an auditorium to be named after his father, late Santosh Kumar Roy. Roy had earlier donated Rs 10 lakh to the Silchar Shishu Udyan for constructing a concrete canopy to be named after his father. The surprising fact about all this donation episode was that Roy made all these donations in cash and his private secretaries were reportedly getting all these news published in local dailies.

This act of the excise minister has raised many questions in the minds of the people and even the Karimganj BJP. Members of the Saffron party have demanded the source of income of Roy. BJP leader Sudhansu Das, who lost the last MP election, alleged that Roy was involved in siphoning off huge amount of money from various development schemes allotted to develop the backward areas of Hailakandi district.

The Congress high command had, time and again, asked all the ministers to furnish their assets but the order seem to have fallen to deaf ears as Gautam Roy has been distributing huge amount of money in cash and that too in public. THE SENTINEL

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