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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Downstream resolution on Tipaimukh Dam

SILCHAR, Dec 29: Society for Activist for Forest and Environment (SAFE), based at Silchar, organized a seminar today on “Downstream resolution on Tipaimukh Dam” at the district library auditorium here in which representatives of more than 11 organizations participated and articulated their views on the issue. These organizations living on the Barak river downstream of the proposed Tipaimukh Dam after having gone through a series of discussions have come out with the observation on the disastrous implications associated with it.

During the discussion, it was pointed out that in the event of the dam taking shape, the entire eco system, economy, identity and life, critically linked to the river Barak, will be seriously jeopardized disrupting the culture, economy and livelihood of the people living along the up and down streams.

Besides, the dam will impact the sediment which is vital for the long run sustainability of the riverine ecosystem and livelihood. Another cause of alarm expressed by the speakers is the high seismic zone area, on which the dam is planned to be built, which will be dangerous for the down stream people because if the dam bursts during earthquake, it will endanger lives of thousands of people.

The deliberations also centred round the fact that it was the unilateral step of the Central government without consulting and taking consent of the people living down stream. It was also pointed out that there has been no assessment of downstream impact of the dam. Nor any exercise was done to study the possible fissures and flood control measures.

After threadbare discussions, it was resolved that all the organizations would mobilize and rally around the people in the possible disaster zone and resist the construction of the dam. Pressure would also be mounted on the government, construction companies and other agencies involved to desist from constructing the dam. And most important of all will be that possible steps would be taken to protect the forest and its flora and fauna. It was further resolved to extend solidarity to the anti-river dam project movement in the Northeast in particular and all over the country and abroad in general.

Notable participants in the discussion included Rabindra Maity of the River Valley Friends, KK Chakradhar of Subansiri Sangram Samiti, Niroj Baglekar of Kolpobriksya, Molon Laskar of Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti and others. Pijush Kanti Das was present in the seminar as the convenor. THE SENTINEL

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