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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oranges flood fruit markets in Silchar

SILCHAR, Dec 5: Winter is the season of mellow fruitfulness. Barak Valley fruit markets are now flooded with oranges being transported from Raja Bazar, Harinagar and Jeenam Valley of Cachar, located on the foothills of Borail. There has been abundant and profuse production of the fruit this winter in the district. Though sweet and tasty, prices are high. Four oranges of good quality costs Rs 16 to 20.

In view of heavy demands of the fruit for its  nutritious value, the price is unlikely to come down.  Earlier, oranges used to be brought by traders from Tripura or North Cachar Hills. The  district  administration of Cachar has been encouraging horticulture with financial packages which have come as a boon to the agriculturists in the potential areas. THE SENTINEL

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