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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Aizawl is a 112 year old city and is surrounded by its lush green hills. With a population of nearly 2 lacs and its misty hills, Aizawl is an ideal holiday destination.

                            In the east of Aizawl lies the Tlawng river valley and on its west lies the Turial river valley. The panoramic views of both these valleys can be enjoyed from Aizawl.      
                            A tourist longing for solitude can visit the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the city. It is the economic hub of the city and the cultural and the political center of the whole of Mizoram. Mizoram is known for its natural beauty. The hills of Durtlang are a treat to the eyes.

                            Tourists coming to Aizawl can proceed to Bung, one of the popular picnic spots which is located around sixteen kilometers from the city. The Falklawn Mizo village, situated around 18 kilometers from the city is also a tourist attraction. Tourists can also visit the State museum, situated on the picturesque McDonald Hills. One can know about the various facets of the Mizo culture by visiting the Zarkawt which offers a huge collection of traditional costumes, relics and artifacts.

                          Mizoram also has a great variety of shopping destinations. Tourist can pick up a traditional Mizo dress or a bamboo or cane artifacts from any of the numerous shops in and around the Bara Bazaar.
                           Mizoram is known for its traditional festivals. Tourist interested in knowing the unique culture and traditions of the Mizos can visit Aizawl when the Chapchar Kut, Min Kut and Pawl Kut are celebrated.
                          Aizawl is well connected to various parts of the country and the north-east by air and road. The nearest railhead is situated at Silchar. Aizawl is served by an airport which is connected to almost all major cities. The best time for visiting Aizawl is from September to March.

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