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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Guwahati, formerly known as Pragjyotishpur, is the largest city in North East India and is also considered as the gateway to the seven sister states. Situated on the banks of the majestic river Brahmaputra, the city boasts of a number of tourist attractions. The most notable among them is the Kamakhya temple which is situated atop the Nilachal hills. The Kamakhya temple is one of the most revered Hindu pilgrimage sites in India and is known for the Ambubuchi mela held every year in the month of July. Other than the Kamakhya temple, the city also boasts of numerous other temples such as the Bhubaneshwari temple, the Shiva temple, the Navagraha temple, the Vashistha Ashram and the Balaji temple. One can also enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city from atop the Nilachal hills.
Apart from the pilgrimage centers, Guwahati also boasts of a couple of museums, most notable among them being the Assam State Museum and the Regional Science Museum. Another tourist attraction is the Assam State Botanical and Zoological Gardens, which in addition to having a large variety of plants also showcases different species of animals. The Guwahati Planetarium is also a notable tourist destination as is provides education to a large segment of the people. 
Living costs are cheap and a number of mouth watering indigenous delicacies are offered by the various restaurants in the city. Paltan Bazaar has a large variety of hotels suitable for every budget.
Guwahati is well connected to the rest of the country by air, rail and road. The city boasts of an international airport connected to almost all the major cities of the country. The railway station is situated right at the centre of the city and almost every part of the country is well connected with the city.
The weather remains pleasant all through the year but the most suitable period for travelling to this part of the country is from October-April.

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