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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Manipur, meaning ‘jeweled town’ is one of the seven sister states in North Eastern states. Manipur is bordered in its east by Myanmar and on its west by Assam. Manipur offers a wide variety of tourist attractions.

Some of the places worth visiting are the Shree Govindajee Temple, an important pilgrimage as well as historic center of the Vaishnavites. Kaina is also a place of pilgrimage importance. Khwairamand Bazaar, a market place run by women, is also an important tourist destination. A tourist can buy traditional Manipuri garments, handicraft items and its unique cane and bamboo works. The Manipur Zoological Garden, renowned for the rare sangai deer, is also a major tourist attraction. The Loktak Lake as well as Sendra Island are picturesque destinations. The Shahid Minar, a monument erected in memory of the Manipuri martyrs who died fighting against the British is worth visiting. Situated 45 kms from Imphal is Moirang, a one can view the various facets of the unique Meitei folk culture.

Bishnupur, 27 kms from Imphal is a picturesque town famous for the 15th century Bishnu Temple. This town is also famous for its chiseled stoneware. 36 kms on the Indo-Myanmar road, tourist can visit the War Memorial. Tenugopal, situated 69 kms from Imphal is the highest point from where a tourist can catch the panoramic view of the entire Manipur valley. One can view the unique cultural heritage and history by visiting the Manipur State Museum.

Red hill, a hillock about 16 kms from Imphal, is famous for the battle took place between the British and the Japanese force in World War II. A war memorial was constructed and is one of the major tourist destinations.

Manipur is well connected by road rail and air. Daily flights from major cities connect Imphal while the nearest rail head is Silchar in Assam. The best time to visit the state is from October to March.

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