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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Infighting Cachar BJP continues

From our Staff Reporter
SILCHAR, Feb 14: An important issue –– demand for security for the Lumding-Silchar and Agartala-Silchar-bound trains –– is lying at the back as mud slinging among the party members of the district BJP unit continues with the existing lobbies, one led by district BJP president Kirit Bhushan Purkayastha and the other led by Kabindra Purkayastha’s son Kanad Purkayastha.
This was more evident when the district committee of the BJP led by Kirit Bhushan staged a dharna in front of the Cachar DC office protesting against price rise. Kabindra’s “followers” reportedly maintained a clear distance from the act of the district committee though he himself along with some of his close party men were seen at the dharna.
On the other hand, the BJP ward commissioners had sought permission from the district unit president to convene a press meet focusing on the irregularities going on in the Congress-led Municipality Board but were reportedly denied the permission. On this, it was further reported, BJP leader Dili Paul organized a press meet at the Silchar Circuit House without the permission.
At this Kirit Bhushan reacted sharply and lambasted on the party ward commissioners alleging that they had not taken prior permission from the district committee for organizing the press meet. He said this kind of acts will weaken the party base and give ample scope to the opposition to fight back in the 2011 Assembly election. THE SENTINEL

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