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Thursday, March 18, 2010

About Majuli

Majuli an island situated in Assam is the largest deltaic island in mid-river of fresh Water in the world. It is situated in the upper reaches of the river Brahmaputra in North-Eastern Corner of India at longitude of 93039’ E – 94035’ E and latitude of 26045’ N – 27012’ N with mean height of around 84.5 Mt. above sea level. It is located 1100 Km from the mouth of the river Brahmaputra in Tibet.

This landmass, with a population of 1.6 Lakhs, majority being tribal’s, has been the highlight Vashnavite culture of Assamese with tremendous option for spiritual and Eco-tourism with very rich heritage to offer. The island has rare breeds of flora and fauna showcasing its rich ecology. There are around twenty-one Satras on this unique island and many of them still very active in there tradition and training of drama, dance, music, art and craft to carry on their rich heritage in the future. You can hire a boat and cruise down the river in the early morning, bird-watching; and also visit fields and homes to see the cultivation and weaving for you first hand of the tribes. Majuli can be visited anytime in the whole year but best time to visit is in the month of November (Kartik) when the Moon is at its full glow.
Majuli has a non-government organization promoted by people of Majuli itself which is called as Majuli Island Protection and Development Council (MIPADC), the organization has been sole motivator and advocacy role player in preserving & bringing concern for Majuli from various quarters as well from UNESCO – World Heritage site due to its uniqueness in cultural and natural heritage. The primary objective of the organization is to build up mass awareness about perilous future of this unique Island. Shrinking shoreline of this unique island due to rapid erosion is a major concern. MIPADC is trying to conserve the unique attributes of this island, which is famous for its rare bio-diversity as well.

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