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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hailakandi bandh receives mixed response

Hailakandi bandh receives mixed response

From our Staff Reporter
Silchar, March 3: The 12-hour Hailakandi bandh called by the All Cachar Karimganj hailakandi Students Association (ACKHSA) in protests against the indecent behaviour of Algapur MLA Rahul Roy received mixed response. Apart from few localities, all shops, market, government offices, school-colleges remained open. Moreover, vehicles piled on the road as usual.
Barowari Puja Committee brought out a cultural procession on Monday as part of the Holi celebrations in which Dreams also participated. It was alleged that Rahul Roy, who was driving his car, suddenly stopped his car and slapped Rupam in front of hundreds of people. Rahul then reportedly drove away from the spot.
It is to be noted that Rupam is the younger brother of Gautam Gupta who is the private secretary of Rahul’s father Excise Minister Gautam Roy. Meanwhile, Rahul made it clear that he had done the right job by slapping Rupam as the latter was harassing common people during the procession. Rahul said he would not hesitate to repeat the act if it is required.
Sources said Gautam Gupta was instrumental in using ACKSHA’s banner to call the bandh to teach Rahul a lesson. Previously too, Rahul and Gupta were seen engaged in such type of brawls. The sources further said police picked up 18 agitators who were later released. THE SENTINEL

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