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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sanjay Ghose and Majuli

Sanjay Ghose and Majuli

Sanjoy Ghose was born on 1959. His name is spelled sometimes as Sanjay Ghosh. The voluntary for Interact club of school wing Club movement was joined by Sanjoy Ghosh. For social change the school experience motivate him to become a social worker catalyst. By the Indian Society inequities he was disturbed.

From IRMA after post graduation with very good grades, in 1982, he chose to work for the development trust of small rural in Kheda district, Anand, much over better paying jobs visible with federations milk cooperative sponsored by Government of island. In Foundation of Tribhuvandas, catalysed his growth of a run trust of small family, to working in hundred odd villages, hiring professional rural medical doctors, and extension staff. After Oxford he decided to return to rural India. His own Non Government Organisation was set up in district of Bikaner in Rajasthan.

Ulfa had kidnapped , Sanjoy Ghosh, a renowned social worker who was working to save the island from being swamped by the waters of the Mighty Brahmaputra. in Majuli. He was a graduate from Indian Institute of Rural Management. Lucrative corporate offers had declined by Sanjoy Ghosh and instead he chose to come to Assam to help its people. Local language Assamesse was learned by him to speak, write and to educate the masses he also published a magazine. But to ULFA it was unacceptable, Sanjay Ghosh was titled as RAW Agent & was given the ultimatum to leave Majuli. But he had negotiated with ULFA boys and mostly probably killed the same day. There are mass public protests against ULFA and violence. Regarding the acclaimed the social worker they issues conflicting statements. A large section of its traditional support base has antagonized by ULFA. All this events took place at the places where angels fear to tread; this episode had been ignored by the media.

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