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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Places of Tourist Attractions in Meghalaya

Places of Tourist Attractions in Meghalaya

Land of Meghalaya to the south of Assam and north of Bangladesh is surrounded by beautiful hills, mind-blowing waterfalls, lakes and exotic butterflies with rare orchids.  This land has snake like rivers and enthusiastic wildlife with undoubting beautiful hills. Its natural beauty is best suited for the adventure loving people as it provides them with a freshening atmosphere for these activities. It is very picturesque state and is also known as ‘the house of the clouds’.

It is the northeastern corner of India, but has its virgin beauty which has been away from most of the people for a long time. It has astonishing waterfalls, crystal clear water lakes, thick and strong wooden dense forests, primitive caves to watch.

Cherapunjee, a place of most rain in the world is also in Meghalaya. Since it rains most of the times here it is the wettest place all around. Shillong Peak: It is the highest point which provides a panoramic view and picturesque sceneries all around. Ohpetbneng Peak: This sacred peak is set against the backdrop of a green forest, regarded as the 'Navel of Heaven' as per local ‘khasi’ mythology. It is most refreshing and peaceful to be here. Ward’s Lake: This picturesque lake all amid beautiful flowerbeds and fairyland lighting is really a place to visit.

Shillong Cathedral: This beautiful church is built by the Britishers and is much spacious so as to accommodate a few thousand worshippers at one time. Nartiang: These historical remnants of old capital of Jaintia rulers and worth paying a visit to those who are interested in historical monuments. Then there is around 500 year’s old Durga temple and huge monoliths and which are worth visit in Meghalaya.

Waterfalls in Beautiful Meghalaya: This place is also known for its number of waterfalls, which emerge from crystal clear rushing streams plunging down the high mountains, taking steep turns and twists and disappearing in deep jungles, presenting an awesome view.

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