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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Indian Railway Project Lumding-Silchar Gauge Conversion Report


Railway Project

1.0 Month of Review : November,2010

2.0 Salient Feature

(201.03 Km), ARUNACHAL-JIRIBAM (50.39 Km)

2.2 Implementing Agency : N. F. Railway, Construction

2.3 Length of the Railway line : 368.1 Km

2.4 Estimated Cost : Rs.3909.49 Crs.

2.5 Date of Commencement : 1996-97

2.6 Schedule date of completion : Dec’2013

2.7 Brief description of project : Gauge conversion of Lumding-Silchar, Arunachal-Jiribam, Badarpur-Kumarghat from Metre gauge line to Broad gauge. This involves earthwork 677.83 lac cum, major bridges (substructure 95 Nos., superstructure 130 Nos.), minor bridges 652 Nos. Tunneling 10650 RM.

Reasons for delay in execution during the Quarter:-

(i) Worsening condition of Roads:
Though the project of 4 laning of Lumding-Silchar (National Highway has been sanctioned, condition of the road in NC Hills area has become horrible. It is worthwhile to mention that most of the structural steel materials and reinforcement, cement, sand, aggregate etc. has to be brought from far flung area. With the present condition of the roads, which are not at all motorable, it will not be possible to move the heavy materials specially Bridge girder component etc. Immediate restoration and its continued sustenance of the road condition including the wooden bridge needs to be ensured for smooth movement of men and materials.

(ii) Divisional Forest Officer, NC Hills, Haflong, had advised regarding stopping of all the activities of construction of Br.127 & 129 and earthwork in the near by area stating that this land belongs to Forest Deptt. This land was acquired by Railway through NC Hill Council and accordingly work was in progress for last 3 years. It is pertinent to point out that bridge No.127 with PSC girder spans of 7x24.4m has already been progressed up to bed block level and only the superstructure with PSC girders is to be casted. Earthwork on both the sides have also been completed. Br. No.129 is 2 spans of 30.5 m PSC girders on pile foundation which is likely to take minimum 2 working season for construction. The matter was already brought to the notice of Principal Secretary to PMO during progress review meeting being held by him. Proposal for acquisition of Forest Land (3.6 Hect.) has been sent by State Govt. to CCF/Central, Shillong. It is understood that proposal has been returned to State Govt. Any further delay in sorting out this issue is likely to adversely affect target of completion of project.

(iii) Land acquisition under Hailakandi, Cachar and Karimganj District of Assam State requires to be expedited in connection with Gauge Conversion of Lumding-Silchar, Arunachal-Jiribam and Badarpur-Kumarghat section.

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chandni said...

eagerly waiting for this project to get completed ............. plz keep us informed in future also


Anonymous said...

I don't think this project will be completed by December 2013. They are increasing the date every year. Mamata di is only thinking about Bengal, it is good that she is working for the poor people of Bengal but she should also keep in mind that in this part of India lakhs of Bengalis lives. People of Borak do not protest and this time in Assam Assembly Election people will again vote for those corrupt leaders (Silchar's famous 2G, Goala and Guatam)