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Friday, July 29, 2011

2013 Durga Puja in Bangladesh Durga Puja Location Pandal Mandap

2013 Durga Puja in Bangladesh

Durga Puja is amongst the largest Hindu festivities in the country. Puja mandaps are built for all the rituals every year. Devotees come together at mandaps and give offerings for treating Goddess Durga. 

Goddess Durga, the demolisher of Mahishashur demon, is lion-borne, using display of arms counting chakra, kripan, bow and arrow and gada, in ten hands of her. Government sources said 14,170 Puja mandaps have been set up across the country. 

The foremost Puja mandap in capital is situated at the Dhakeshwari National Temple. Big mandaps have been constructed at the Ramkrishna Mission, Jagannath Hall at Dhaka University, Siddheshwari Kali Mondir, Bangla Bazar, Ramna Kali Mondir, Shankhari Bazar, Tanti Bazar and at Mohakhali areas. Ansars have been positioned at each puja pandel whereas RAB will guard all the puja locations for making sure the security of visitors.

The Hindu management under sunshade of Durga Puja is charade and a great contempt. Durga Puja has vanished its religious enthusiasm and joy in Bangladesh. It becomes merely a political dealing factor for class of recipients. 

The Puja committees situated in capital and all other parts of country rely on protection of law imposing agencies. They generally arrange Puja mondaps and exhibit communal harmony in by the Durga Puja once in a year, just like all other festivals. But actually, in addition to begging, there is no safety and economic as well as political power to receive for them.

Markandiya Purana usually recognized as Shri Shri Chandi is narrated from Mahalaya day. Shri shri Chandi is narrated the subsequent episode of disclosure of Shri shri Durga, the Mother Goddess.

The beginning of which Goddess Durga is prepared is matter of everlasting fight and challenge and winded victory over evil and terror which makes the chaos of world out, just like lotus of mud the splendor of good arises.

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