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Friday, July 29, 2011

2013 Durga Puja in Silchar Durga Puja Location Pandal Mandap

2013 Durga Puja in Silchar

Silchar is headquarters of district Cachar in state of Assam (India). It is economic entrance to Mizoram state and Manipur. Silchar has great commercial significance. It therefore, witnesses substantial population of merchants from remote parts of India. Majority of natives are migrants from a district named Sylhet. A considerable amount of citizens, in the beginning were living here before Bengal partition. Silchar is located on banks of river Barak in Barak Valley.
Sylheti is the local language of north-eastern province of Bangladesh as well as Assam’s southern districts around Silchar. It is just similar to Bengali language but it is separate language than Bengali. In the past, Sylhet was division of Kamarupa, an ancient kingdom so, this language has some familiar features with Assamese language.
This city has substantial amount of Bengali population which talk in Sylhetti, one type of Bengali language. Silchar represents dynamic and vibrant culture of region and celebrates various festivals; important among them are well-known Gandhi Mela and Durga Puja. Agriculture is amongst the major occupations of Silchar people.

Amidst the scenic region landscape, the leading educational institutions stand tall with over impressive structures which adjoins to city’s glory and splendor. Silchar is measured to be amongst the conventional seats of informing education, consecrated with numerous leading educational institutions. Silchar is conferred with an unmatched natural beauty which throws a magical enchantment on tourists who become besieged at this city’s bewitching beauty.
During the time of Durga Puja, Silchar has carnival atmosphere. Silchar is a peaceful place situated in North East of Assam. Silchar is also the headquarters of Cachar district. It lies on the banks of river Barak. The population is mainly Bengali and very friendly also. Durga Puja festival is the biggest religious celebration in Silchar as well as in neighboring districts like Hailakandi and Karimganj. Durga Puja is equally famous in Tripura and West Bengal. 

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