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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bishnupriya Manipuri writers hold kabi sanmelan

By our Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, Sept 7: “Poetry is an expression of an intense feeling in a very condensed form” is how Bishnupriya Manipuri Writers’ Forum president DILS Lakshmindra Sinha defined poetry at a lively discussion that took place at Rehabari in Guwahati till late last night with Forum president DILS Sinha in the chair.

DILS Sinha cited the world’s first poetry that came from none other than Mahakabi Balmiki when he had seen the tragic death of an egret at the arrow of a hunter. The cry of the female companion of the egret at the death of her partner broke the heart of Mahakabi Balmiki and some words came out from the Mahakabi on their own with the message of his broken heart. The few words that came out from the Mahakabi, when counted in accordance with syllables or alphabets (matras) of poetry, are found to be in perfect measurement, both in matras (syllables or alphabets) and rhymes, DILS Sinha said. Among others, advocate Dipasri Sinha, writer Samarjit Sinha, Sijut Sinha, Nonigopal Sinha, Sanjib Sinha, Prativa Sinha and Bilashini Sinha spoke on poetry.

At the meeting, the Forum named its half-yearly magazine that will be published soon as Longlei (a cyclonic wave). The forum has decided to hold its workshop on “Challenges before Minor Languages of Assam” on October 4. THE SENTINEL

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