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Friday, September 11, 2009

Mahalaya Songs Music Mahisasura Mardini - Birendra Krishna Bhadra

Download MP3 Mahalaya Songs Music

Mahalaya day, the day Durga was assigned the task of eliminating evil. It's invocation to the mother goddess to descend on earth "Jago Tumi Jago". Mahalaya is done through chanting of mantras and singing devotional songs. It is observed seven days before Durga Puja.

As Soma Das writes, One man who'll always be remembered for making Mahalaya memorable to one and all is Birendra Krishna Bhadra, the magical voice behind the “Mahisasura Mardini.” The legendary narrator recites the holy verses and tells the story of the descent of Durga to earth, in his inimitable style. Birendra Kishna Bhadra enthralls the listeners in the pre-dawn hours of Mahalaya. The All India Radio Programme is scripted by Bani Kumar and narrated by Bhadra.

A bloger, Mr BN Sinha becomes emotional durga puja and he hardly miss durga puja in his village in Silchar, Assam, though he stays in Kolkata. He says, "From the very childhood I have seen that Puja starts with Birendra Krishna Bhadra's imortal chandipath at four in the morning on Mahalaya. It is spectacular to see that thousands of people irrespective of ages come out on the streets in the wee hours in the morning and the street witness a packed crowd. It is probably the unique way for the Silcharites to welcome Ma Durga which we generally don't see in any part of the world".

Durga Mantra:

"Ya Devi svarbhabhuteshu Shaktirupena sangstitha"
"namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namaH"

"Ya Devi svarbhabhuteshu Matrirupena sangstitha"
"namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namaH"

"Ya Devi svarbhabhuteshu Shantirupena sangstitha"
"namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namaH"

Durga Puja is also known as Basanti Puja. But Rama proponed the Puja and worshiped Durga in autumn and that is why it is known as 'Akal Bodhon' or untimely worship.

Download Mahalaya (MP3 format) :
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Play Mahalaya Live :

Mahalaya Live

As many people lives abroad so they are not able to listen Mahisasura Mardini. For them above are the links they can download mahalaya or listen online.

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About Mahalaya
In Bengal, Durgotsav start from Mahalaya. On this day, it is believe that the goddess durga has started her journey from kailash of himalayas to come to her mother’s place at Bengal along with her children. On this auspicious day, people woke up early by four to be precise, and two-hour long program is broadcast in Bengali from Akashvani Kolkata. Memorable songs sung by great artist in there recorded voices still resound in each Bengali house on Mahalaya day. No matter where he stays but his heart always beat for the culture especially on this day. A program name “Mahisasurmardini’ describe how Durga was armed with variety of weapons to demolish the evil spirit given to her by the god to achieve peace and happiness to the world.
Every God has donated numerous weapons to the goddess to face the demon. Vishwakarma gave her the shield to protect, Vishnu gave her Sudarshan Chakra, Lord Shiva gave her the trident, Surya gave her the bow and arrow, Yamraj gifted her kaldanda and himalaya gave her lion to carry her to the front of war. 
Listening to the wonderful Mahisasurmardini in a cool autumn season, sipping a cup of coffee under the blanket gives tremendous pleasure and satisfaction. The whole world wakes up from sleep to welcome Durga Puja of which Mahalaya is the first step. On this day, another significant custom is to remember our friends and relatives by doing “tarpan”. It is done by offering token food and water in the remembrance of our beloved family members and friends who are no longer with us. Normally bonus to the employee are paid latest by Mahalaya so many shops owner desperately wait for the festive season as sale of customer durable goods are in full fledge and to raise the sale they have variety of discounted offers and scheme.

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