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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Muslims attack Reang youths: Panchuram

SILCHAR, Sept 4: Local Muslims of Gharmora area in South Hailakandi bordering Mizoram deliberately attacked a group of ULFBV cadres on Monday night while they were returning after a search operation, alleged United Liberation Front of Barak valley (ULFBV) leader Panchugram Reang. Sources said ULFBV is a Reang militant outfit which had surrendered to the State government last year and 305 cadres including Panchuram had also subsequently joined the Congress. The villagers mistook the cadres to be militants and beat them mercilessly, alleged Reang.

In the backdrop of rising kidnapping incidents, allegedly by UDLA, district police deployed a 46-member surrendered ULFBV cadres, another Reang militant outfit, along the Asom-Mizoram border to help them in rescuing the kidnapped people as well as apprehending UDLA militants which is led by Dhanyram Reang.

11 cadres were admitted to SK Roy Civil Hospital, Hailakandi, while nine of them were later shifted to Silchar Medical College Hospital as their physical condition deteriorated. Meanwhile, a group of Reang miscreants allegedly attacked some Muslim villages after the incident as a retaliatory move. Panchuram Reang, while talking to The Sentinel, said that his cadres were actually assisting the police to weed out militancy from South Hailakandi. But, sources said, the role of Panchuram as well as a section of district police was also shrouded in mystery. They said that surrendered ULFBV cadres were promised of a monthly relief of Rs 100, but, Panchuram allegedly teamed up with some police officials to siphon off the amount. Panchuram had joined active politics and was made the vice president of the district Congress Tribal cell by his mentor Gautam Roy after which he started to neglect the wellbeing of his cadres. The cadres who had joined Panchuram’s outfit to rescue their community from utter deprivation reportedly associated themselves with UDLA sensing a bleak future with him. THE SENTINEL

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