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Sunday, October 11, 2009


SILCHAR, Oct 10: The All India Rongmei Development Organization (AIRDO) has, in a statement today, slammed the Poupei Chapriak Research and Development Council North East India (PCRDCNEI) for allegedly misleading the Nagas living in Barak Valley. AIRDO Information Secretary Ringampou Panmei said that the PCRDCNEI is an organization formed by people with vested interests with the soul objective of reportedly dividing the Rongmei Nagas on religious grounds.

Panmei charged that the PCRDCNEI led by its chief Lungthaorei Kamei has been allegedly befooling people by distorting the historical date and day of Rongmei’s biggest festival call Gaan Ngai which is a crime against the indigenous religion of Rongmei Nagas. He also alleged that the PCRDCNEI has been formed by some opportunists to meet their selfish end at the cost of the ignorant Rongmei population of this valley. Panmei, therefore, urged the Rongmei Nagas of Barak Valley not to fall into the reportedly evil design of Lungthaorei Kamei and his associates. THE SENTINEL

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