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Monday, October 19, 2009

INTUC forms new body with Kamalendu Bhattacarjee

SILCHAR, Oct 19: The Congress trade wing INTUC, backed by Silchar Municipality Workers’ Federation, formed its new body with former Rajya Sabha MP Kamalendu Bhattacharjee as its president. Sources said Bhattacharjee was expelled by the Congress for his anti-party activities for six years.

The Federation had earlier hinted that their relation with the new Silchar Municipality Board (SMB) chairperson Susmita Dev would not be a cordial one. The Federation also said that although SMB chairperson Dev was a newly elected body of the Congress, Dev was more dependent on the left trade union of the Municipality. The new committee of the Federation has elected Kishor Bhattacharjee, who is a staunch critic of Susmita’s father Santosh Mohan Dev, as its advisor, sources added. THE SENTINEL

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