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Monday, October 19, 2009

Siddeque Ahmed, Mantaj Ali to seek Gogoi’s intervention

SILCHAR, Oct 19: South Karimganj MLA Siddeque Ahmed and Karimganj Zila Parishad president Mantaj Ali have decided to seek the intervention of Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi in containing Excise Minister Gautam Roy’s unnecessary intrusion in politics in Karimganj district. In the backdrop of Mantaj Ali’s victory in the no-confidence motion, allegedly instigated by Roy, the Ali-Ahmed duo had already announced that the people of Karimganj would no more tolerate the ‘‘dadagiri’’ of Roy.

Sources said Ahmed, once a blue-eyed boy and now a hard-core enemy of Roy, had a closed-door meeting with veteran Congress leader Srikanta Bhattacharjee. Sources added that Bhattacharjee was earlier denied the post of Karimganj Municipality chairman to pave the way for Dr Manas Das who was being backed by Roy. The incident had shaken the district Congress and the leaders could realize that Roy wanted to control the politics of Karimganj from his home-district Hailakandi.

On the other hand, people close to Roy said that Mantaj Ali won the no-confidence votes only because the Muslims made up a team to teach Gautam Roy a lesson.

Meanwhile, another source indicated that Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarmah and Forest Minister Rokybul Hussain had been backing associate Congress MLA Siddeque Ahmed to clip the wings of Roy. Ahmed was once promoted by Roy to defeat veteran Congress leader Muktadir Choudhury in South Karimganj, although Muktadir was the political godfather of Siddeque, sources added. This Roy-Siddeque collaboration continued for quite a long time and Siddeque won the 2006 Assembly election as an independent candidate pushing his one-time mentor Choudhury in the fourth position. But along with his victory came the beginning of the end of his good relationship with Roy as both blamed each other over the misuse of border roads funds.

It was reported that Ahmed had openly branded Roy as an anti-Muslim, and based on these comments, Roy instigated the Zila Parishad members to initiate a no-confidence move against Mantaj Ali who was hobnobbing with Ahmed.

Meanwhile, Roy tried his best to refute his alleged involvement in the no-confidence motion instigated against Mantaj Ali, but found no buyer for his theory. THE SENTINEL

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