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Friday, October 9, 2009

Night landing at Silchar airport awaits inauguration

SILCHAR, Oct 8: Night landing facilities at Kumbhirgram Airport, Silchar, are ready for operations, but since it has not been ceremonially inaugurated by any politician, the passengers are subjected to immense harassment.

On Wednesday, IC-253 flight carrying 140 passengers, destined to Silchar, could not take off from Kolkata airport due to some technical snags. The flight was scheduled to return to Kolkata carrying 135 passengers from Silchar airport. An airport source said, the technical snag was to be corrected by Wednesday evening, but since the night landing facility was not operative in Silchar, the flight could not take off from Kolkata. It resulted into harassment for the passengers.

Meanwhile, the restaurant inside the Silchar airport has been closed since August 26 and as a result all the 135 passengers had to wait at the airport without any refreshment, supposed to be served by the airlines authorities. It was another issue of utter negligence by the authority at Silchar airport that there were about 50 chairs to accommodate 135 waiting passengers. THE SENTINEL

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is very sad to point that journalist and people are writing lots of things without knowing any facts....The facts are mentioned below, plz read
It is true that ILS at Silchar Airport is ready, but the fact is that the necessary clearance from Indian Airforce is still awaited.They are not in a position to use ILS. It is to be noted that unlike other airports in Civil enclaves, Silchar is one, Airforce is looking after the ATC. and this the root of many delays and problems facing Silchar Airport . If people are so worried they should write to concerned authorities that IAF may be asked to pack up so that people of Barak Valley can travel safely by Air at least.
Second regaring chairs, you are write there are 50 nos chair, which are 3 seater atleast, so 150 people can comfortably seat, and not 50 people can seat and reagrding restaurant people of this region cannot afford to pay Rs16000/- month for operating restaurent, so less said is please get the facts right then write...