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Friday, October 9, 2009

Random encroachment of footpaths for private occasions

SILCHAR, Oct 8: The local people here, it is alleged, are indulging in encroachment of the footpaths for their personal use causing inconvenience for the pedestrians. As seen in the photograph, a pandal has been constructed on the footpath along the busy Central Road for some social function.
The situation has worsened due to lack of proper administrative vigil by the civic and civil administration as well as an indifferent attitude of the police and an equally passive approach of the citizens. Therefore, such encroachments by businessmen, to extend their business premises, vendors as well as construction-builders to deposit their materials like sand, chips and bricks on footpaths are quite common.

All this goes on despite prohibitory orders being in force as promulgated by the district administration not to encroach footpaths and violation of it will invite action as per the provisions of law. But, all this goes unabated with nobody to take any action against it. THE SENTINEL

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