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Friday, October 9, 2009

‘Skeleton staff strength hits policing in Cachar’

SILCHAR, Oct 8: Policing system in Cachar district is seriously affected by manpower shortage. Cachar Additional SP Jayanta Chowdhury, in an interview with this correspondent, admitted that investigating officers of the rank of sub-inspector fall short of the present requirement. In a district where yearly 3,000 cases are registered against crimes and law-and-order violations alone, the shortage of manpower is really a pressure on the department. At present the number of pending cases is more than 1,900. Before six months, the number of pending cases was more than 2,700, said the ASP who was posted to the district four months back.

Chowdhury said Cachar is otherwise a peaceful zone, barring the fact that the district is being used as a corridor by the extremist elements from Manipur, Mizoram etc. places via Jirighat, Kachudharam etc.

Special reported cases such as murder, rape etc are considerably higher here, which the Additional SP (headquarters) is supposed to supervise.

Till April 12, 2009, non-bailable arrest warrant pending cases numbered up to 510 in police records. According to Chowdhury, shortage of manpower in Cachar police has seriously affected the traffic system in Silchar. Besides road congestion, increasing public vehicles and carriers have added to the woes. THE SENTINEL

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