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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cachar Cancer Hospital observes Pink Ribbon Day

SILCHAR, Oct 31: The Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre observed the Breast Cancer Awareness Week from October 25 to 31. Dr Ravi Kannan, Director of Cachar Cancer Hospital, said October is generally observed as the breast cancer awareness month.

The doctors of the hospital interacted with different groups during the week to create awareness on breast cancer. October 31, the Breast Cancer Awareness Day, has been observed as the ‘Pink Ribbon Day’.

The trend of observing October as breast cancer awareness month started since 1985, when Astra Seneca, an anti-cancer drug marketing company, started observing October as breast cancer awareness month to impose sales.

In 1991, a marathon rally was organized in the USA to bring awareness on breast cancer where women wearing pink ribbon participated, and since then October 31 came to be known as the Pink Ribbon Day. THE SENTINEL

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