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Friday, November 20, 2009

Firing in Karimganj by miscreants from Mizoram

SILCHAR, Nov 20: Close on the heels of Mizoram Government’s alleged encroachment of Assam land in Cachar district, a group of Mizo youths created a great deal of sensation in the Katamoni area in Karimganj district which shares its border with both Mizoram and Tripura.  According to sources, at least seven Mizo youths came in a Bolero car to Katamoni, consumed liquor and started firing near the shop of one Chayum Ghose late last night. The dog of the shopkeeper sustained injuries in the firing. Katamoni police soon alarmed the Nagara and Rangamati police stations where the police personnel erected barricades to stop the fleeing miscreants who rushed towards Kanmun along the Assam-Mizoram border breaking the barricades. According to sources, Chayum Ghose had received demand notes from suspected Bru militants a few years back. THE SENTINEL

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