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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kabindra Purkayastha demands enquiry on Indragarh issue

SILCHAR, Nov 1: "I submitted a memorandum to Railway Minister Mamata Benerjee for the quick completion of the Gauge Conversion project from Lumding to Silchar," said Kabindra Purkayastha in a press conference today. He said after becoming the MP he deliberately brought the issue of the gauge conversion before Mamata Benerjee in the last five months.

Purkayastha, while speaking in the press conference, reiterated on the priority issues in Barak Valley–– the Gauge Conversion project and the East-West Corridor project. He also said that one of the principal problems that affected the construction of railway lines between Silchar and Lumding was land requisition.

Moreover, the autonomous council of North Cachar Hills and the Defence were the chief hurdles in the land requisition process currently, Purkayastha added. Regarding the issue of the Mahasharak, the MP said being the lifeline of Tripura, Mizoram and Barak Valley, it should be completed as soon as possible. It was reported that although the problem of land requisition was barring the completion of the Mahasark, the departmental engineers were assuming that the construction would be complete by November next.

The Silchar MP also touched on the issue of Indragarh grant, the controversial 3,750 bighas of land which were handed over to CRPF and the Assam Rifles. Purkayastha, in the press conference, demanded a high-level enquiry on the ongoing controversy of Indragarh grant.

Cachar BJP members Nitya Bhusan Dey, Anil Kumar Dey, Ram Krishna Sinha, Kirit Purkayastha and Kanad Purkayastha were present in today’s press conference. THE SENTINEL

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