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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shailendra Chanda Das set free on bail

SILCHAR, Nov 7: Shailendra Chandra Das, who was arrested on September 20, 2009 by the Army from Dungripar gaon panchayat in Cachar was set free last evening on bail. He was charged under the Indian Panel code 120 (B)/121/122 (A) 25 (IB) (A).

Hundreds of men and women came out on the street protesting the arrest of Das. Some organizations also submitted memos to the DC demanding wise judgement and to liberate Das from the charges and set him free.

Public sentiment went against his arrest as Das was widely known as an honest person and a sincere social worker. On Friday evening when Shailendra Chandra Das walked out of Silchar Central Jail on bail, he was greeted by a large number of people. His bail application was accepted in the Guwahati High Court on November 4 after a petition was field on October 19.

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