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Thursday, December 24, 2009

AGM of Assam Cricket Association in Hailakandi

GUWAHATI, Dec 24: The Annual General Meeting of the Assam Cricket Association will be held in Hailakandi on Friday. The meeting will decide the new committee of the association which would be in power for the next four years.

There was a lot of discussion going on in the city on the election of the Assam Cricket Association. Only a few days back it looked like that the entire current committee would once again come into power but some latest developments, during the last few days, changed the situation all in a sudden and it is likely that the members of present committee could face tough challenge from the dissident group of the association.

It will always be a plus point for an organizer if his team perform well during his tenure and if it counts then the members of the current body should get priority when the new committee would be formed tomorrow. Assam really performed well in the different BCCI-level cricket championships including Ranji trophy where they got promotion from plate to elite group. But the most important point is that apart from the dissident group, a section of the current committee is in favour of a change in the new committee. The most surprising things is officials, who are not in the favourite list to re-elect this time include the secretary Bikash Barua himself.
The representatives of the different district units today left for Hailakandi for tomorrow’s meeting.

 The picture of the new committee is yet to clear as a lot of thing could be happened tonight and it may changed many equations but till this evening it looked like that for Barua it is a very difficult game this time.
It is not for the first time  Barua is facing such a situation in his career of a cricket adminsitrator. Earlier, in few occasions he had to face similar position but that time challenge came from outside and in all occasions he managed to overcome the odds. But now it is a different situation for him as even few members of the current committee expressed their unsatisfaction on the activities of Barua and they are not even bothered to speak it in front of media also.

As per the information available, Barua may face challenge from two members of the current committee though dissident group is busy to put only one candidate against him if election is necessery. On the other hand, there may be election for the treasurer post also. There is also news that president of the association Gautam Roy may vacate his post but at the same time it is not a matter of surprise if he is continued as the president of the Assam Cricket Association because the veteran politician still holds good support from the members of ACA.THE SENTINEL

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