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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AIUDF to form ad hoc committees before 2011 Assembly election

SILCHAR, Dec 9: After the AIUDF lost both the Hailakandi and Cachar seats in the last Lok Sabha election, its ad hoc committees were dissolved. But with the 2011 Assembly election round the corner, the party high command has directed MLA Ataur Rahman Majarbhuiya to form ad hoc committees with the MLAs of Hailakandi and Katigorah.

Although the AIDUF has geared up its preparation for the next Assembly election, Hailakandi district committee president Anil Nath said since he is a Hindu, he was earlier sidelined. However, Cachar district committee president Anup Choudhury denied any discrimination from the AIUDF despite being a Hindu. Choudhury rather alleged that Majharbhuiya was an agent of the Congress and to ensure smooth sailing for the ruling party, he had reportedly manipulated AIUDF supremo Badruddin Ajmal to entrust him with the responsibility to form district ad hoc committees with such figures who lack any credential.

 Meanwhile, a group of the Hailakandi district unit expressed their grievances over the fact that Hailakandi MLA Salimuddin had neglected Moulana Tayubur Rahman, an influential cleric as well as advisor to the party, and formed the ad hoc committee. The group further alleged that since Salimuddin’s ad hoc body had no Hindu representative, it would be easy for the Congress to brand the AIUDF as a Muslim party. THE SENTINEL

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