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Friday, December 11, 2009

Poet Manju Gopal Dev no more

SILCHAR, Dec 11: Famed poet Manju Gopal Dev breathed his last at Jorabat where he was employed. He was 48. Dev, who earned fame as poet in the late eighties, died on November 26 in Jorabat where he was staying alone. News of his death reached Silchar on Wednesday night.

He promised brilliance with his little magazine on poems called Ityadi. His book Smriti-Kaam-Barna-Gandha  corroborated the expectation, but subsequently he lost himself in almost oblivion. THE SENTINEL

1 comment:

PRAGYAN said...

He was Personally known to me. As far I know Like Sakti Chattapadhya he was passionate alcoholic. Depression also might have killed him. He was Bohemian. He was a talented, which didn't got due recognition. He, also killed his possibilities.