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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Silchar experiences chilly winter

SILCHAR, Dec 10: With the advent of winter, poor souls unable to afford warm clothes are passing a tough time during the chilly nights. According to the pavement dwellers, winter this year is exceptionally cold.
Even during daytime, people are seen moving with warm pull-overs. According to weather report of the Metereological Department, the mercury will continue to dip down causing appreciable fall in temperature. Today, it recorded 25 degree celcius during the day which will go down to 15 degree celcius. The forecast till Monday states that the temperature would be between 25 to 11 degree celcius and this Sunday would be the coldest with temperature sliding down to 11 degree celcius at night from 24 degree celcius during the day. With the sky remaining sunny and cloudy during the week, people will feel the pinch of cold. It is not unusual to come across working class people making a sort of bonfire along the road side to keep themselves warm in this shivering cold. THE SENTINEL

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