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Friday, December 18, 2009

USA-based Novaritis director Dr Dhruvajyoti delivered the keynote address

SILCHAR, Dec 18: A memorial lecture was organized by the Guru Charan College on the occasion of silver jubilee celebration of its Physics Department recently. On the occasion, ex-student of the college and the present senior director of Biometrics, an USA-based Novaritis company, Dr Dhruvajyoti Das Purkayastha, delivered the keynote address on the theme “Exploration of scientific knowledge in our academic and cultural environ.”

His lucid and simple analysis of the subject evinced keen interest among the teachers and the taught. The discussion was followed by another discourse on the subject “Galileo, the father of modern science” by Dr Surajit Sen, lecturer in the department, coinciding with the observance of the international astronomy year.

The discussion on the twin subjects was initiated by governing body president and the college principal  Samarkanti Roy Choudhury while Dr Hiralal Das explained the significance of the day. Also a newsletter of the Physics Department titled Anweshan edited by head of the department of Physics Dr Mihir Ranjan Nath was released during the occasion. A notable aspect of the celebration was a science exhibition which displayed various scientific materials prepared by the students of the department. THE SENTINEL

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