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Friday, December 4, 2009

Will peace return in Northeast?

SILCHAR, Dec 4: With ULFA chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa’s arrest, NLFT chief Biswa Mohan Devburma and the reported detention of other three leaders of ULFA –– “deputy commander in chief” Raju Barua, “publicity secretary” Apurba Barua and Hitesh Kalita –– the question which is making rounds in civil and political circles is: Is peace imminent in the Northeast?

There are still certain areas of the region which continue to be haunted by the shadow of the gun. True to her commitment after assuming power, Bangladesh Prime Minister Begum Sheikh Hasina has been cooperating with the Indian Government on the issue of insurgency in Northeast.

Awami League-led government at Dhaka is well aware of the fact that if the NE militant groups continue to camp in Bangladeshi soil, the matter will pose a security threat not only to India but to Bangladesh as well. Political analysts, on the other hand, described the return of 14-party alliance of the Hasina Government as the beginning of a new phase of democracy and good governance in Bangladesh which is important for stability in the southeast region. Significantly Hasina proposed formation of a South Asia Task Force to fight terrorism together which she said could end terrorism.

It was reported that after taking top ULFA leaders –Shashadhar Choudhury and Chitraban Hazarika – into the security dragnet by the Bangladesh Government and their handing over to BSF, Arabinda Rajkhowa and Paresh Barua of ULFA, Ranjan Daimary of NDFB and Jeevan Singh of KLO were next on the target list. As planned, Arabinda Rajkhowa and others were arrested and the hunt is on for Ranjan Daimary and Jeevan Singh. There is, however, no definite information about the leaders of Manipur-based extremist groups like PLA, UNLF, KYKL, KCP and Prepak. According to reports, these militants have supposedly moved to Myanmar and are reportedly operating from within the State of Manipur.

Against the fast changing scenario, ULFA, according to observers, is left with no option than to sit for talks with the governments. It is only a matter of time to hook Paresh Barua who is believed to be cooling his heels in the Yunan province of China.

This apart, Centre’s dialogue with NSCN (IM) has reached a crucial stage and the Union Home Ministry is ready with the package for peace and the contentious issues of integration of Naga inhabited areas of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh, foreign affairs, separate currency and defence are expected to be resolved to pave their way for ending the gun-culture. Khaplang faction has also indicated its desire to draw curtains on the more than six decade old Indo-Naga imbroglio.

With almost zero level of emotional support base and public outcry for peace, massive development works under taken by the Centre notwithstanding hiccups here and there are weaning away youths and providing them employment opportunities. And the dovetailing events and sequences will only mellow down the militant leaders to bid for peace and political rehabilitation on the trail of Laldenga of MNF or BPPF of Hangrama.THE SENTINEL


Sushanta Kar said...

the road towards peace is not so easy as the media suggest!

Anonymous said...

Virtually Paresh Barua controlls the ULFA and it is very difficult to bring peace unless Paresh comes to talk with center. For that central government must change it's attitude towards people of Assam and North East. One can dream and it doesn't harm if any one want's to dream. Central govt must change it's own attitude. They are already celebrating the arrest of Rajkhowa without giving importance to peace talks.