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Saturday, January 16, 2010

ICS implementation wonderful by Cachar IMT: USAID-India

From our Staff Reporter
SILCHAR, Jan 16: “The Incident Management Team (IMT) has done a wonderful job in India while implementing the Incident Command System (ICS),” stated Dians Suleiman and Greg Oskin, two representatives from USAID-India, the United States (US) Government agency which has developed a management tool to combat natural disaster. Suleiman, a Forest Service official of the US Government, and Oslin, a representative from USAID-India, were on a two-day visit to Silchar to evaluate the progress and implementation of the project.

Before leaving Silchar, both Suleiman and Oskin admitted that IMT in Cachar district has done a commendable job. USAID-India delegates had arrived in Silchar on Thursday.

USAID-India had started nine pilot projects in three States in the country among which one is Assam and Kamrup and Cachar districts happen to be selected by them for the purpose. On January 8, 2009, simulation exercise, under the project, was held in Silchar and later, Cachar Deputy Commissioner Gautam Ganguli, who was the leader of IMT, was selected for a training in Australia. Ganguli visited Australia for a two-week training in January, 2009. During their recent visit, Cachar IMT gave a power-point presentation to show the delegates what steps they had taken in the district. Further, Cachar IMT suggested that relief and mass care for the disaster victims should be incorporated in the ICS. Suleiman also admitted that the system needed to be more localized in India. THE SENTINEL

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