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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MLA Siddique Ahmed to seek Congress ticket for the 2011 Assembly elections

From our Staff Reporter

SILCHAR, Jan 19: Challenging State Excise Minister Gautam Roy’s authority, controversial South Karimganj MLA Siddique Ahmed announced that he would seek Congress ticket for the 2011 Assembly elections.

Ahmed, who won the seat twice as an independent candidate, is an associate member of the Congress. He has developed enmity with his one-time mentor Roy in recent times. It is presumed that Roy will exert all his influence to prevent Ahmed from getting Congress nomination. Ahmed, however, made it clear that he would seek nomination directly from Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi.

The associate Congress MLA further said Gogoi will personally intervene in finalizing party candidates this time around as he is not happy with Roy for his unwanted interference in party affairs. He said both Roy and former Union Minister Sontosh Mohan Dev field their loyal persons as party candidates without taking into consideration their winning prospects. Gogoi is well aware of this fact, he claimed.

Lashing out at Roy, Ahmed alleged that at the directive of Roy crores of rupees meant for rural development was siphoned off by the DRDA that failed to furnish the utilization certificates. This, he said, led to the Centre to stall the second instalments of a number of projects. THE SENTINEL

1 comment:

Zee7 said...

Siddique Ahmed is a Murderer & a Sumggler so many case pending in Karinganj court, He have a big man power from Bangladesh, his all family & brothers are sumggler, he doing his sumggling business from Tukarbaazer & Baraygram, Patheriya hills is the main way of his business. Stop this bustered man to came on power, maximum Karinganj public from his area are uneducated & also leaved in rural area, no one cant complaine aginst him becz he & his brothers can do any thing, I an sure he will soon murderd by own man.