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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nagrik Swartha Raksha Sangram Parishad to continue crusade for civic facilities

Special Correspondent

SILCHAR, Jan 19: “Even after 62 years of independence, the citizens of Silchar are still deprived of their basic civic facilities and for their redressal, we will continue our crusade against the municipal board as well as the establishments concerned,” pointed out Haridas Dutta, general secretary of Nagrik Swartha Raksha Sangram Parishad at a public meeting held at Gandhi Bhavan yesterday. He said in order to shake up the inertia and indifference of the civic authorities, there was no alternative to ceaseless struggle.

Dutta added to say that the hard taxed people of this town, for no fault of their own, “have to live with broken and cobbled roads, choked drains, piled up garbage, irregular supply of potable water and erratic electricity.”

Haridas Dutta further stated that since the very inception of the Parishad, “we have been fighting relentlessly for highlighting the citizens’ grievances and organizing protest – meets and rallies against not only civic body, but also against PWD, Water Resource Department, ASEB, PHE, district and police wings in order to get relief.” But he was pained to say that the corruption-ridden departments remain unmoved and gloss over the genuine and legitimate demands of people.

Dutta pointed out their meets and interactions with heads of various departments with charter of demands as compiled by the Parishad from all the 28 wards of this town, but it was again most agonizing that nothing concrete could emerge. In fact, as he said there “is neither, transparency, accountability or responsibility in the administrative machinery.” He made it clear the harassed and hard-pressed citizens “have to gird up their lions and prepare for more struggle if they have to live with decency and dignity.” THE SENTINEL

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