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Friday, January 1, 2010

A victim gives birth to child in Silchar Sadar Police

Teen-aged victim gives birth to child in PS

From our Staff Reporter

SILCHAR, Jan 1: A teen-aged rape victim gave birth to a girl child in the Silchar Sadar Police yesterday. Earlier on Wednesday, police arrested Surajit Singh (29), a priest of a local Gurudwara for allegedly raping the girl who was a servant in a nearby house. Silchar DSP Ashok Saha told The Sentinel that Singh had confessed that he had consensual sex with the girl.

Anjali Sarmah, a resident of NN Dutta Road, filed a complaint with the Silchar police alleging that Singh had raped her maid servant, and she was pregnant. Singh, a resident of Amritser, had come to Silchar recently with his family and had been serving in a Gurudwara as its priest. THE SENTINEL

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