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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bangladesh grabs 300 acres of India's land

Bangladesh grabs 300 acres of Madanpur TE
From our Staff Reporter
Silchar, Feb 9: Due to poor fencing work along the sensitive Indo-Bangladesh border in Karimganj district, nearly 300 acres of land belonging to Madanpur Tea Estate in Karimganj district along the border has been occupied by Pallartol TE of Bangladesh. Sources said the fencing work was being done by the National Building Construction Corporation (NBCC).
Karimganj district administration sources alleged that the fencing work along the border by NBCC was very poor and that it was easy for the tea estate on the other side to capture the area belonging to the country. The sources further informed The Sentinel that the Karimganj DC had earlier visited Madanpur TE, located around eight kilometres away from Nilambazaar, to inspect the quality of the fencing work and had expressed his concern over its poor condition. He said that he received regular complaints from various quarters regarding the poor border fencing and assured to bring the matter to the notice of the Union Home Ministry.
The sources further said that erection of pillars and setting of fence was done in such a manner that 300 acres of land belonging to Madanpur TE happened to fall on the other side of the border. The tea estate had earlier tried to re-occupy their legitimate land but Bangladeshi goons allegedly foiled their bid to save the land, the sources said and added that the BSF surprisingly maintained silence on the issue.
According to reports, Madanpur TE had filed a case in the Gauhati High Court but till now nothing has materialized. Dr Angamuthu, on the other hand, said “not an inch of Indian land will be allowed to be taken away by Bangladesh.” However, the sources questioned how the NBCC could erect pillars without a proper map? THE SENTINEL

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