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Monday, February 8, 2010

Parimal Shuklabaidya challenges Dinesh Prasad Goala to come clean

Shuklabaidya challenges Goala to come clean

‘What has the Urban Development Minister done for Barak Valley?’

SILCHAR, Feb 8: BJP MLA of Dholai Parimal Shuklabaidya has challenged Urban Development Minister Dinesh Prasad Goala to come clean on the implementation of Centrally funded schemes and projects in his Lakhipur constituency. He threw the gauntlet before the Minister when the latter was addressing a public meeting and called him “worthless” as a people’s representative.
When asked about his reaction to this insinuation, the Dholai MLA spoke to The Sentinel, “I would like the Minister to make public all the utilization of development funds by displaying it against each and every project and scheme implemented by him as I myself have done.” He hit back at Goala and questioned “what prevents him from putting on hoardings or bill boards naming the projects, its details and amounts allotted.”
Shuklabaidya claimed himself to be the first MLA to bring the attention and information of the grievances of the people of his constituency, the lists of roads, bridges, culverts and welfare schemes for scheduled caste and other backward class people corroborated with photographs which have been completed by him and also specifying the sanctioned funds against each of them. He invited the Minister to come and see for himself the “transparency” and “accountability” maintained by him.
The MLA as a specific case referred to the improvement and the upgrade of the important road link from Amraghat to Mohankhal which has been completed under the annual plan at the estimated and sanctioned amount of Rs 14,57,900 as proposed by him. He asserted, “There is no hidden agenda with me. The three blocks under his constituency, Narsingpur, Borjalenga and Palanghat, have now better road connectivity.”
The people of his constituency (SC) are economically backward and live in adversities who need support for their betterment. “To play ducks and drakes with their money is a crime,” Shuklabaidya pointed out. The MLA rued though he represents the SC constituency, hardly does he get sufficient funds or grants in aid to take care of the people in distress. He alleged how a close relative of the Minister Ram Jeevan Rabidas of Dubribasti got a Tata Sumo (AS 11 B – 3404) from money sanctioned at his instance from the SC component fund. Continuing his tirade, he asked Goala to come clean also on his assets and properties.
Shuklabaidya reminded the Minister that he is in charge of Barak Valley but what has he done for its development? He was more critical when he said the minister has never taken up the burning issues of NH-44, now in worst shape, or the Silchar-Lumding BG as well as the East-West Corridor with the Surface Road and Highway Ministry or the Railway Ministry. He also reminded him when he was the PHE Minister, he never floated tenders for works and allotted them to his chosen persons arbitrarily. THE SENTINEL

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