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Monday, February 15, 2010

Biplobi Fulosena recalled

Biplobi Fulosena recalled

SILCHAR, Feb 15: Arjuni Manipuri Prakashani, Kalinjar, Silchar remembered Biplobi Fulosena Sinha through a literary meeting at Kalinjar on the outskirts of Silchar town on Sunday. The memorial meeting was presided over by Krishna Bhallab Sinha and was attended, among others, by social workers and litterateurs Kamadev Sinha, Manoranjan Sinha, Mangal Babu Sinha, Gandhi Sinha, Jogendra Sinha, Champalal Sinha, Rasamoy Sinha, Babul Sinha, Moni Kanta Sinha, Mihir Sinha and Banabir Sinha. Arjuni Manipuri Prakashani also released its special issue (magazine) edited by Sudhanya Sinha in memory of Biploabi Fulosena Sinha. THE SENTINEL

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