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Monday, February 15, 2010

Dusty roads, broken drains causing health hazards in Silchar

Dusty roads, broken drains causing health hazards in Silchar

SILCHAR, Feb 15: On the 40th Foundation Day of Silchar Press Club, various speakers articulating their views on health hazards posed by dusty roads and open drains of this town expressed their serious concern at the apathy of the district administration and civic authorities to improve the basic facilities of connectivity and hygienic services for the citizens.

Initiating the submission on the theme “Health risks of broken, dusty roads and exposed drains,” eminent journalist Atin Das said the lack of basic civic facilities “have posed before the media to activate the authorities concerned for remedial measures.” He added to say under Article 19 of the Constitution, every Indian has the freedom to enjoy basic civic amenities. It is his fundamental right to ask public servants like ministers, MPs, MLAs, DCs and officials for explanation since they are being paid by people. He also reminded that aggrieved people on various counts approach the media for remedies.

The Greens president Shankar Chakraborty, while campaigning for an eco-friendly environment, referred to Article 21 of the Constitution which ensures pollution free living for every citizen. He was sad to note that people are deprived of the basic rights to free air, pure water and healthy life. He further pointed out at the worst condition of dirty, dusty and bumpy roads of this town as well as the open drains which have become hazardous, endangering life.

Dust from the roads mixed with the exhaust of vehicles, chemical wastes and refuses of all sorts are playing havoc with the life of citizens. He lambasted the pollution control board for its neglect and its failure to maintain ambient air quality caused by noise and air pollution.

Dr Bhabatosh Roy of Silchar Medical College in his submission said the roads and drains of this town are a major risk to the lives of common people. Diseases like that of skin, ENT, liver, lungs and other parts of the body are affecting the longevity of human life. According to him, because of pollution, nearly 6,000 children die every year in this region and 90 per cent people in general are victims of this phenomenon. It was an alarming situation and called upon the media to compel the administration for corrective measures.

Others who spoke on the occasion included The Mizoram Post editor Nilotpal Chowdhury, Mihir Lal Roy, Shasanka Shekhar Paul. Silchar Press Club general secretary Shankar Dey conducted the proceedings while press club president Sanat Kumar Koiri presided over the programme. The Press Club would hold a year-long programme to celebrate and commemorate its 40-year long eventful journey. THE SENTINEL

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